Contact Scott

Please contact me relative to insurance for your bank or credit union.

My practice is limited almost exclusively to financial institution insurance issues.

Media requests relative to bank / credit union insurance and risk management issues are welcome.  I’m not an insurance agent, and I never, never, never sell insurance.

Phone: 207-284-0085


Address: Scott Simmonds, CPCU, ARM, 18155 Canal Junction Drive, Gulfport, MS  39503-4558 

What I Do:

Unbiased Insurance Consulting For Financial Institutions

What I Don’t Do:

I don’t sell insurance – Never, Ever, Ever!

I don’t consult on health insurance, life insurance, or personal insurance – It just is not my interest or area of expertise.

I don’t offer litigation services / expert witness / court testimony – The work does not interest me.

I don’t consult on personal insurance issues – other than for my financial institution clients.

I am only taking on new clients who are financial institutions.