Consulting On, But Never Selling, Insurance

Uniquely Unbiased Insurance Advice

  • I never sell insurance.
  • No fees, gifts, or commissions from insurers or agents
  • I always act to my client's best interest.
  • Advice and ideas you have not heard before.

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It's results that matter. I get my clients better coverage and better premiums. I make insurance easier to understand and easier to manage. Thirty years of helping business people understand their insurance has put me where I am today. Some call me the biggest buyer of insurance in the country. I work with hundreds of insurance buyers and thousands of insurance policies each year. My clients get access to my experience and approach.


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Unbiased Financial Institution Insurance Expertise

"I've never met an insurance guy like you." so said a new client not too long ago. The insurance people you talk with usually have skin in the game. They get commissions, fees, and bonuses from the insurers they work with - or they work for the insurance company. Not me. I never sell insurance and never take any commissions or fees from insurance agents or companies.


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