Contact Scott

My consulting practice is limited almost exclusively to financial institution insurance issues. If your bank has insurance concerns, I’m your guy. Call or email me. There are few bank insurance issues I have not seen before. Do not go this alone. Let’s talk.

Media requests relative to bank/credit union insurance and risk management issues are welcome.  I’m not an insurance agent, and I never, never, never sell insurance.


Email Is The Best Way to Contact Me:

Phone: 207-284-0085 (Email is more efficient for both of us.)

Fax: Trashed My Fax Machine Ten Years Ago

What I Do:

Unbiased Insurance Consulting For Financial Institutions – I have worked with over 400 banks and credit unions. It’s what I love doing and where I provide great value.

What I Don’t Do:

I don’t sell insurance – Never, Ever, Ever!

I don’t consult on health insurance, life insurance, or personal insurance – It just is not my interest or area of expertise or interest.

I don’t offer litigation services/expert witness/court testimony – The work does not interest me.

I don’t consult on personal insurance issues – other than for my financial institution clients.

I am only taking on new clients who are financial institutions.