Liability Claims Help

Report all accidents involving injuries or damage to property owned by others to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Train your branch staff to respond to slip and fall accidents and to report the incidents to your insurer. If you want a central reporting structure, make sure claims reported to the insurers are not delayed in the process.

In the banking world, the most common general liability claim is a slip and fall accident. Most general liability claims occur in parking lots, lobbies, and drive-through teller areas.

Document the Accident

As soon as you (or your people) are aware of an accident where a customer or member of the public is hurt, the report should be sent to the insurance company. Take pictures of the location of the accident as soon as possible. (All your locations should have a camera. Disposable cameras work well for documentation purposes.) Document the conditions that existed. Get the contact info of all injured people and witnesses.

Correct any hazards that caused the accident.

Follow Up With Adjusters

Liability claims can take months to resolve. Contact the insurance company adjuster every few months to learn the status.