Agent Wants To Partner With Me

A recent email to me:

Hi Mr. Simmonds,

Your name was given to me by a local community bank. I am interested in preparing an insurance proposal for a community bank and have several markets for insurance carriers that advertise their “bank programs”. I have been in the insurance business for 38 years but have never written insurance for a bank other than work comp and group health benefits. Do you work with agents such as myself to assist in a detailed analysis and recommendations for their insurance programs? I would be interested in hearing how we may partner together to make sure they are getting the best coverage for the best pricing out there.

A FL Agent

My reply:

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m afraid we cannot partner up on this. My work is exclusively with insurance buyers. I never partner with insurance agents or insurance companies on a fee or commission basis – my clients expect me to be unbiased.

I don’t sell insurance and never accept fees or commissions from agents or companies.

I’m often referred to banks by agents who have heard of my work. Such is never with any pre-condition on my part that I will bring that particular agent in.

More commonly, banks hire me to help with the renewal and suggest agents to participate. I then evaluate the agent and make recommendations to the bank.

I have had instances where the bank wanted a particular agent involved. The bank then hires me to assist the bank in the assurance of correct coverage.

It is quite common for a community bank to bring me in to review an agent’s work and to work with the agent on coverage options and improvements.

The key is that I always am paid by, and work for, the insurance buyer – not the agent.

I hope you understand. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.



I get a few emails like this every week. It’s part of the way I do business that I am not affiliated with an insurance agent or insurance company.