Dangerous Posts For Post-ers

I have been actively writing insurance stuff since the mid 1990’s when my then-boss at an insurance agency finally allowed me to write a monthly column for an aquaculture magazine. (The column name was something catchy like, “Aquaculture Insurance.”)

My website has well over fifteen hundred articles, definitions, white papers, ebooks, recordings, and the like.

The problem with that is that people read your old stuff without reading the new stuff, and new stuff sometimes contradicts the old stuff. Also, I’m smarter now than I was last week – by which I mean I sometimes cannot believe how stupid I was last week – never-mind an idea I had on a subject in 1998.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you are reading something that is more that a few days old, there is a good chance I am smarter now than I was when I wrote whatever it is you are reading. Use the search feature of this blog to see if there is something newer posted.

Also, feel free to email me if you have a question or a comment – please feel free to challenge me on something I wrote. I enjoy getting other perspectives. I’ll even post my new thoughts if you change my mind.