Define Unbiased

From Merriam – Webster:

un·bi·ased /ˌənˈbīəst/

adjective – showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial.

“his assessment of the benefits and drawbacks was unbiased”

synonyms: impartial, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, neutral, objective, outside, disinterested, without fear or favor, dispassionate, detached, unswayed, even-handed, open-minded, equitable, fair, fair-minded, just

Yep.  That is how I approach insurance for my bank clients. I don’t accept fees or commissions from insurance agents or insurance companies. I don’t accept gifts, trips, speaking engagements, or even a cup of coffee.

I have no investments in any insurance companies or agencies. My investment advisor has been instructed to avoid any company involved in the insurance business.

I am often asked to speak to agent groups or to assist insurance agents with their bank clients. The answer is always, no.

Unbiased, impartial, unprejudiced.