Katrina Ghosts Blow

Today is the ninth anniversary of Katrina hitting what is now my hometown, Gulfport Mississippi.

I was not here then – we just moved here three months ago. Every day my local newspaper has an article about Katrina. It is not just this week – with the anniversary coming – but every day since we moved here in May. It was a defining event in everyone’s lives who went through it.

The devastation from this monster storm was such that still businesses are just reopening, houses are just now being replaced, lives are still being rebuilt.

Time here is marked by Katrina – “the first X since Katrina,” is a common phrase.

1,836 people died. Damage totaled over $108 billion – and claims are still being settled.

I was in a discussion with some new friends who lived through Katrina. The stories are mesmerizing and horrifying. The storm lasted all day and night. Then there was no power for three weeks. The water was shut off – when it was turned back on it was contaminated. Civilized life as we know it was suspended for months.

I was in Maine when Katrina hit. It was just a news event and something to watch on TV. Here it still impacts life in 1,000 small and not so small ways.