Bank Director in Car Accident on the Way to a Bank Meeting

Email from a client to her agent:

Hey (Agent),

Can you please call me? One of our directors was in an accident on his way to a Board meeting. Unfortunately the person that was driving the other vehicle is now suing our director. Our director’s attorney is asking for information on the bank’s insurance coverage for him. Never had this happen before and need help.


I dashed out a quick note to give her some insight and to set expectations.

The director’s personal insurance will be primary – first to respond. If the bank gets sued, the non-owned auto responds.
Anticipating your director’s desires…
Your director might want the bank’s insurance to respond first. That is just not how it works. If he has no insurance or his coverage is inadequate, the bank’s insurance would possibly come into play.
He was driving his car. He is the one responsible for the accident, not the bank. It is possible that the injured party brings the bank in by suing the bank. Then the bank’s insurance responds to that suit.
(Agent) will respond, I’m sure. I wanted to jump in though.