My Letter To A Client About A Bad Insurance Agent

I work with hundreds of insurance agents each year. Some are great. Some good. Some horrid. There is one who is the worst. I have a client who feels that he must buy insurance through this agent. I have repeatedly suggested/begged my client to move the insurance. Here is my latest letter to this client – after the agent delivered a renewal with a huge premium increase…

All names changed/hidden:


I worked with (NAME OF AGENT) on another account recently. I warned my client before we started that (NAME OF AGENT) was the most difficult agent I work with — of the hundreds I work with around the country. I told the board that I have yet to have a client insured by (NAME OF AGENT) where the service and attention was not staggeringly deficient. I believe I used the phrase, “they just suck,” in one conversation.

True to form, (NAME OF AGENT)’s proposal was poorly presented, with little detail, and high in cost.

I try to be fair and open minded. However, my repeated experience is that (NAME OF AGENT) is an agency where clients have almost no hope of getting exceptional service. Adequate, perhaps.

It also is possible that the problem is mine and that I am too demanding.

I don’t think being demanding is a vice.

You have heard this from me before.

(NAME OF INSURER) is an excellent insurer. They are trying, across the board, to get premium increases. Reasonable renewal pricing depends on the agent grabbing a 2×4 and swinging it with gusto. Undoubtably this did not happen with (NAME OF AGENT) and your latest renewal.

If I were making the decision based only on insurance service I would call (NAME OF A GREAT AGENT I WORK WITH) and move the entire account with a Broker of Record letter. I would ask them to review other markets with the idea of moving the account from (NAME OF INSURER). I’d do that today.

Again, we have discussed this before. Your bank has other considerations. This is a problem that we will solve again and again until we move the account.

I tell my kids that people pay me a great deal for my advice. Some follow it and some don’t. Things seem to work out better for those who follow my suggestions, though.

I’m always glad to talk.

The relationship an insurance buyer has with an insurance agent is hugely important. A bad agent will eventually cause trouble. It may be nagging issues. It may be a catastrophic event.

I tell clients to hire employees slow and fire them fast. Sometimes agents need to be fired too. Doing it over five or six years just extends the pain and damage.