Gifts, Trips and Gratuities

An insurance agent sent me an invitation today to an annual party-boat trip they sponsor for clients.  I'm sure it is a fine time and appreciated by many of their customers.  I declined, as I always do when offered gifts. "I appreciate your offer but must decline.  It is my client's expectation that I remain completely unbiased in my advice and … [Read more...]

Define Unbiased

From Merriam - Webster: un·bi·ased /ˌənˈbīəst/ adjective - showing no prejudice for or against something; impartial. "his assessment of the benefits and drawbacks was unbiased" synonyms: impartial, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, neutral, objective, outside, disinterested, without fear or favor, dispassionate, detached, unswayed, even-handed, … [Read more...]

Playing Well With Others – My Relationship With Insurance Agents

Bankers are sometimes concerned with how their insurance agent will feel about my involvement in an insurance review. - Will our agent be offended that we brought you in? - Will you damage our relationship with our insurance agent? Well over 80% of the community banks I work with have a close relationship with their insurance agent. I am … [Read more...]

Me, When I’m Not Working With Bankers

Yesterday was the Mississippi State Olympic Weightlifting Championship.  This is me with Amber, the meet director and head of Mississippi Barbell.  The medal around my neck is for first place in the 55+ age group in my weight class.   … [Read more...]

Network Secure

Just had an independent security assessment of my network and computer system.  All secure and up to date. My clients expect that I follow rigged security protocols to protect my data and theirs.  Tested and passed! … [Read more...]

Go Ahead, Use the F-Word

The word is Fiduciary. There is a great deal of talk lately about fiduciaries.  Financial advisors are being asked to perform to a higher standard, that of a fiduciary. Meaning they are to act in their client's best interests, not their own. That is a standard I have held since I first started as an insurance consultant in 2000.  When … [Read more...]

My Career As A Shortstop

Ah, baseball season. I think it was George Will who said, "In America there are two seasons. Baseball and the great abyss." I am active all year in my role as shortstop. Not a baseball shortstop, but an insurance-shortstop. I scoop up all the grounders hit by your insurance agents and insurance companies. I help you make the play that … [Read more...]

My Clients Keep Coming Back

I had a great phone conversation this afternoon with a banker I did business with four years ago. His board has asked for a review of coverage and they wanted him to hire me again. "We are not talking with anyone else, we want you." How great is it to hear of such confidence and support. This month marks fifteen years since I started my … [Read more...]

Katrina Ghosts Blow

Today is the ninth anniversary of Katrina hitting what is now my hometown, Gulfport Mississippi. I was not here then - we just moved here three months ago. Every day my local newspaper has an article about Katrina. It is not just this week - with the anniversary coming - but every day since we moved here in May. It was a defining event in … [Read more...]

Dangerous Posts For Post-ers

I have been actively writing insurance stuff since the mid 1990's when my then-boss at an insurance agency finally allowed me to write a monthly column for an aquaculture magazine. (The column name was something catchy like, "Aquaculture Insurance.") My website has well over fifteen hundred articles, definitions, white papers, ebooks, … [Read more...]