Why Banks Hire Me By The Year

A bank-client called me today. An officer of the bank had falsified loan documents so that a report would not show the account as behind. He also failed to file reports on the loan - hiding the account. My client asked if this would be a dishonest act, causing problems for coverage if this employee embezzled in the future. Yep, this one is … [Read more...]

Oh #$%$!!!!! My Computer Crashed!!!

It happened yesterday. I am an Apple guy. MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Yesterday morning the MacBook (about 1.5 years old) crashed. Here is why I use Apple... I got online (iPad) and went to Apple Joint Venture (a preferred business customer service program that costs me $500 a year) and made an appointment for 10:00 at the Apple Store … [Read more...]

Agent Wants To Partner With Me

A recent email to me: Hi Mr. Simmonds, Your name was given to me by a local community bank. I am interested in preparing an insurance proposal for a community bank and have several markets for insurance carriers that advertise their “bank programs”. I have been in the insurance business for 38 years but have never written insurance for a bank … [Read more...]