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Bank Directors and Officers Insurance Handbook Available on Amazon

My latest update to my Bank D&O Insurance Guide is out... The Definitive, Pragmatic, Unbiased Insurance Guide For Bank Board of Directors on The Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance Policy. Written for bank officers and directors who need to know more about how their directors' and officers' insurance works. A practical guide to what bankers … [Read more...]

Credit Union Insurance-Assurance Workbook

The newest version of my Credit Union Insurance-Assurance Workbook is available now on Amazon. With this workbook you can review all aspects of your credit union's insurance program. The tool is designed as a guide to work with your current insurance agent to identify gaps and overlaps in your insurance. Provides the questions to ask your agent … [Read more...]

Free Amazon Book – NonProfit Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

Free Book Now On Amazon I am excited to announce that my newest book is now available on Amazon Kindle - for free.   How To Buy Directors' and Officers' Insurance For Your Nonprofit  While you may not be in the nonprofit world, you probably volunteer there - or you know someone who does.   Frankly, only a small part of my consulting … [Read more...]

My Books

I just updated my author profile on Amazon... I am finally almost done with the second edition of "Simmonds on Bank Insurance."  I hope it will be published in November. Other books at … [Read more...]