Teleseminar – Insurance For Banking Cyber World

Insurance For Banking Cyber World Join us for a fast-paced, information-packed forty-five minutes of unbiased insight into bank insurance coverage issues. -Cyber Liability -Data Breach Mitigation -Cyber Fraud -Computer Equipment Coverage -Cyber Insurance Markets -Insurance Strategies No sales pitch here. Valuable information, … [Read more...]

Insurance vs Uninsurance

Here are some of the calls I have gotten over the past month... - A TX bank with the same insurance agent for fifteen years discovered that they had no lender liability insurance.  Potential loss: $300,000. - An MO bank found that the only coverage they have for a sex discrimination lawsuit is for defense costs.  If they lose the lawsuit there … [Read more...]

Fidelity Insurance vs Fiduciary Insurance

I was asked recently about fidelity insurance.  As I mentioned in a prior post, fidelity insurance is employee theft coverage; AKA employee dishonesty insurance. Fiduciary coverage is very different. Fiduciary coverage is liability protection against allegations that you have violated the federal law governing employee benefit plans - known … [Read more...]

Worker Fraud on the Uptick

The June issue of Best Review includes a brief piece on the observation by fraud examiners that worker fraud is increasing. The article admits that this may be a "chicken and egg thing" with the current economy - are people stealing because times are bad or are employers being more diligent in the bad economy looking for problems? In any … [Read more...]