To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Question! Insurance Policy Retention

A bank client wrote me recently and asked how long he should keep insurance invoices, claims info and policies.  Here is my advice: Hi Brad, I'd keep invoices and claims records as long as you keep other expense records.  Claims that involve litigation should be kept as long as your attorney tells you to keep the info. The standard … [Read more...]

Damage to Employee Vehicles While Driving on Bank Business

What are the employees’ expectations for damage caused in accidents while driving their personal vehicles on bank business? Will you pay for damage to their vehicle, or should the employee rely upon his own insurance? Will you pay his deductible? Make your plan clear in your employee handbook to avoid misunderstandings. Send an annual reminder … [Read more...]

FDIC – Lessons From Hurricane Katrina – Catastrophe Planning

Hunting for something else I tripped over this from the FDIC on disaster planning for bankers. Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina: Preparing Your Institution for a Catastrophic Event … [Read more...]

Your Website Must Be ADA Compliant

  There are law firms trolling bank and credit union websites. If they find that the site does not meet Americans With Disability Act (ADA) standards for the visually impaired, they send you a letter demanding you fix your site and pay them not to sue you. I got three calls on this last week from clients. All claimed they had not … [Read more...]

Customer Nailed or De-Nailed. What to Do?

A customer is injured on your property. What action do you take?   From a client: Hey Scott, We have a customer who got her finger caught in the night drop and pretty much ripped off her fingernail.  She has been given advice from family that she should come and let the bank know about it.  What is your advice on whether this is … [Read more...]

Bank Questions Issues Of Religion In The Workplace

A client recently asked me for some ideas on the issue of religion in the workplace and preventing possible conflict/lawsuits. I found this EEOC publication that struck me as well written and filled with great guidance. … [Read more...]

Data Breach / Privacy Breach Planning

Your IT people have a plan to manage a data breach.  Contact the person who manages that plan; the person who will lead the team in the event of a breach. Ask how your cyber insurance company is involved in the plan. Many insurers have resources that MUST be utilized at the onset of breach remediation to protect your insurance coverage. Your IT … [Read more...]

My Career As A Shortstop

Ah, baseball season. I think it was George Will who said, "In America there are two seasons. Baseball and the great abyss." I am active all year in my role as shortstop. Not a baseball shortstop, but an insurance-shortstop. I scoop up all the grounders hit by your insurance agents and insurance companies. I help you make the play that … [Read more...]

Bank Director Gross Negligence vs Ordinary Negligence and FDIC

When a bank fails, the FDIC wants to get its money back.  There is a common pattern of the FDIC going after the directors of failed banks.  Currently the FDIC has to show "Gross Negligence" before doing this. They want to lower the bar to "Ordinary Negligence." Bank associations and bankers are mostly against this change.  The American Bankers … [Read more...]

Slip and Fall Claims Management For Banks

Slip, trip, and fall claims are injuries caused by an accident on the bank premises involving customers, visitors, pedestrians, guests, and vendors. Injuries to employees are a topic for another day (that’s workers' compensation). Some common slip-and-fall loss situations are: • A pedestrian walking on the sidewalk in front of the bank slips on … [Read more...]