AmTrust Offers FDIC-Friendly Civil Money Penalties Cover For Banks

I got word yesterday that AmTrust is now offering a stand-alone Civil Money Penalty (CMP) insurance policy for banks.

-Coverage is applied for by the individual director or officer.

-Coverage is paid for by the director or officer.

-Bank is referenced on the policy but only to define the activities covered for the individual.  The bank is not a part of the insurance.

-Coverage is for penalties and fines only.  No defense cost coverage.

-Premiums start at $500 for $100,000 of coverage with a $1,000 deductible.

Talk with your agent about getting more info.  Your bank does not have to be insured by AmTrust – though they are going to ask for the chance to quote.

I’m pleased to see a standard lines bank insurer offer this coverage (though it is on excess/surplus lines paper).  More insurers will follow suit.  I’d rather the premium was lower.  I’d say the cost to administer separate policies is the biggest impediment to lower premiums.

Here is the brochure for the AmTrust Policy.