FDIC Director Suits: Lessons Learned

FDIC Director Suits: Lessons Learned

I recently finished David Baris and Jared Kelly’s book, FDIC Director Suits: Lessons Learned.

Here is the review I wrote in Amazon:

“Baris and Kelly put together a quite readable overview of what the federal regulators consider as they go after bank directors. Each case is spelled out in just enough detail to highlight the mistakes the banks made that got them in the FDIC cross-hairs.

“As someone who works with bank directors and officers insurance this book was well worth my time. I am recommending it to my clients.

Most bankers don’t experience bank-failure and the “end-of-the-world” situations that are outlined in the book. Knowing what got directors into regulatory trouble is enlightening.”

I gave the book 5 stars and recommend it to bank directors and officers.  

You can buy it on Amazon.