Howard Candage, the Teacher and All Around Good Guy

The insurance industry lost a big-brain last week, Howard Candage.

I met Howard in the ’80s when we both worked for the same agency, W. C. Ladd and Sons in Rockland, Maine.  I spent many great hours traveling with Howard to accounts around the state. He taught me as much about insurance as anyone in my career. I have long said that Howard was the best insurance mind I ever met. In his later life he taught and influenced hundreds of insurance professionals who were certainly as impacted by him as I was.

He was from Blue Hill and a commercial fisherman before he started his insurance career. When we visited certain parts of the state his “Downeast” accent would get so thick I could hardly understand the conversation. His lessons were practical too. He taught me the proper way to wave to passing cars when we were on one of the Penobscot Bay islands (single-finger raised above the steering wheel with a slight nod of the head) and which customers to visit around lunchtime to get a proper bowl of fish chowder.

As is common when someone dies, I look back and wish I had stayed in closer contact with Howard. My last exchange with him was in 2018. We reconnected, exchanged a few emails, and promptly lost touch again. I’m sorry that happened. I’ve been spending time lately thinking of the others in my life who had an impact on me as Howard did. I will be calling several people to reconnect. One last lesson for me from Howard.

RIP Howard.