Banks Need To Review Websites for ADA Compliance

This will be my third post on this topic…

Here is the last one from December of 2016 which references my post of January 2016.

Well, boys and girls, it is still happening.  A law firm hires a disability advocate to visit your website. They find it to be non-compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  You get a letter threatening suit unless you settle.

Here is an article from Bank Director magazine discussing the issue.

Solution: Call your webmaster/web designer/Internet guru. Tell them the site must meet the requirements of the ADA.  Let them do their magic.  Diary the issue for a year from now and ask for an update on accessibility.  Make ADA compliance a part of your design criteria for any revamping of your website.

Insurance rarely comes into play on these claims. In most cases, you will settle with the law firm way under your insurance deductible.