My Books

I just updated my author profile on Amazon... I am finally almost done with the second edition of "Simmonds on Bank Insurance."  I hope it will be published in November. Other books at … [Read more...]

Fall is Coming

The birds at my bird feeders are losing their bright colors.  The yellow finches are not as brilliant as they were last week.  The purple finches are also toned down.Saw one humming bird yesterday.  It won't surprise me if that is the last one.One of the maple trees out my office window is starting to change colors.The nights are noticeably cooler … [Read more...]

Honesty, Ethics, and Openness

I talk with about 5 insurance agents every day in my work for clients. There are some agents I have known for 20 years. Others, I'm talking to for the first time.Today I spoke with three agents whom I had never met. I did not know them and they did not know me. Two of the three were not convinced that I was not some kind of shadow agent looking … [Read more...]

Veterans Day

I grew up knowing my dad was in the Korean War.When I got married I knew my wife's father was in WW2. (Both wives actually)Ten years ago one of our sons joined the Navy.A year ago another son joined the military - Army this time.With two sons deployed I now have a new appreciation for those who serve.Thank you to those who served and those who are … [Read more...]

Testimonial – Nice Words

Note sent to me by a long-time client today...By the way, I know you don't hear me say it nearly often enough, so I'll seize this moment and opportunity.You do terrific work and we truly appreciate all that you have done to counsel and assist us over these past years.The discussions you have helped us have around our insurances has elevated our … [Read more...]


Not really an insurance topic. I am un-cluttering.  Went through my bookcase the other day.  Pulled out about 200 books and donated them to the community college I teach at and Goodwill.One book I put on my desk - feeling that I just could not part with it - my college dictionary.  I have not opened it in at least 15 years.  It is well beat up and … [Read more...]

New Blog Look

Yep, a new look here.  Cleaner, neater, with a pretty picture of me.Same great insurance information.  Perhaps more often. … [Read more...]

I’m Now AmEx Open Forum’s Insurance Expert

Just inked a deal with AmEx to join their Open Forum as their insurance expert - posting, commenting, and pontificating on insurance issues.It will be a few weeks before content is posted. I'm looking forward to the challenge, exposure, and discussions that will come out of this.Stay … [Read more...]

What Services Should Agents Offer Business Insurance Buyers?

On the Insurance Journal Forum I was asked, "What kinds of stuff makes an insurance consultant stand up and take notice???"My List of Required Actions (Plus) for Agents Serving My Commercial Clients:-Annual review meeting to review coverage (at insured's office, at agent's office, or on the phone).-Presentation of renewal proposals 30 days prior to … [Read more...]


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