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Seth Kahan Interviews Me About My Consulting Practice

Seth Kahan and I are active members of a consulting community founded and run by Alan Weiss.Several months ago he started a project of interviewing some of us.Here is the recording of his interview with me.We talk about my practice, how I started, some of the tools I have used, and some of my breakthroughs that have helped me succeed. … [Read more...]

My Fans

I get calls every week from readers of this blog. Frankly, it's fun and an ego boost.A caller today asked the difference between how I approach insurance and what an agent does.Agents (usually) work for an insurance company and are paid on a commission basis - bigger premiums = bigger commissions.I work for the insurance buyer - they pay my fee. … [Read more...]

New Tag Line

I have struggled for ten years with a tag-line for my business.Past interations:Insurance Consulting ServicesUnbiased Insurance ConsultingUnbiased Insurance AssuranceI really liked "Insurance Assurance" but the trademark office in Washington turned it down as too close to "Assurance Insurance" held by a broker.Here is the latest:Consulting In, But … [Read more...]

New Insurance Book Shop Open For Business

My new book shop is open.  Books, teleseminars, white-papers, workbooks, ebooks - to help you manage your business … [Read more...]

The Value I bring to My Clients

Two projects I am finishing up on prove my value to my clients.   One got a premium reduced by 20% keeping the coverage the same. The other got a client's premium reduced by 30% improving coverage dramatically. Knowing how to negotiate with insurance companies and agents is part of the value I bring to my clients. In the two cases above my total … [Read more...]

Insurance Assurance℠

It's now official. Insurance Assurance℠ is in the process of being trademarked. The application is on its way to Washington.Now, the correct spelling of the phrase is "Insurance Assurance℠."Scott Simmonds, CPCU,ARM,CMC"The Guy with the Big Insurance Brain"Providing Insurance Assurance℠ … [Read more...]

Big Insurance Brain

I introduced myself to someone recently. The guy greeted me with, "Oh, I know you. You're the guy with the big insurance brain. I read your blog."I guess so. This July will be 30 years since I started in the insurance business. In that time I have been a student of the insurance business and of business. It has been a great career working in a … [Read more...]

Tag Line

I have struggled for 9 years with different tag lines for my marketing. Here is the newest. This one will stick.Providing Insurance Assurance … [Read more...]