American Bankers Association Insurance Program Announces Dividend

I'm a bit behind on my reading...  Just saw the February 21st press release of the dividend by American Bankers Mutual Insurance, Ltd.Read the release here...The ABA insurance program (the bank insurance program formerly known as Progressive) has long been a leader in bank insurance.  Now called ABA Insurance Services, the people who are on the … [Read more...]

Bank Insurance Issues – ABA Journal

The American Bankers Association's ABA Banking Journal picked up a piece I wrote a few months ago."In insurance, sometimes little things become big things when they aren’t addressed properly.  Often banks focus on the “big things..."Read the whole article here. … [Read more...]

Progressive Bank Program to Change

Many of my readers are bankers who manage their bank insurance program...The American Bankers Association and Progressive Insurance announced major changes to their bank insurance program.In short, Progressive's share of the program is being bought out. It seems that all current staff and operations will stay the same. Coverage forms and the … [Read more...]