World Backup Day

I learned today that March 31 is World Backup Day.Who knows who decided this.  Who cares.  It's the day before April Fools Day.  Maybe that is it.A backup is a part of a plan.  I do not care about the backup.  I care that when the really bad stuff happens, that you can get back into business quickly.Here's what I think every CEO should do Monday … [Read more...]

Lost Laptop = $1,000,000 Reward

Hip-hop artist Ryan Leslie is really wants his stolen laptop back. He is offering a $1 million reward for its return.Read more here. Of course he wants his laptop - but he really wants his data-files. Too bad he didn't spend $100 on a backup system and another $50 for a service like Lojack for Laptops.Backup all your computers. Protect your … [Read more...]


You simply must backup your computer.Yesterday, a panicked friend called asking for advice.  Her laptop had been stolen and she wanted to know if I knew how to track it down.  She called Apple and they couldn't help either.You must backup your data.You must have a way to quickly change passwords and logins in case your computer is stolenIf you have … [Read more...]

Redundancy and Fail-Safes

How many systems failed in the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill?How many different things went wrong, all at the same time.Can the same thing happen in your business?  Sure it can.Can the same thing happen to you in your personal life?  Sure it can.Shouldn't we be thinking about the fail-safe on the fail-safe?I've been backing my computer up for fifteen … [Read more...]

The Ten Commandments of Data Backup

I Thou shalt have a plan to backup your data.II Thy plan must include laptops.III Remote-est locations such as home-eth offices and telecommuters must be included in thy plan-eth.IV Thou shalt test thy backup plan by deleting-eth a file and retrieving it to its proper place from thy backup.V Your plan is run by mortals and will therefore devolve … [Read more...]