Bank Directors and Officers Insurance Handbook Available on Amazon

My latest update to my Bank D&O Insurance Guide is out... The Definitive, Pragmatic, Unbiased Insurance Guide For Bank Board of Directors on The Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance Policy. Written for bank officers and directors who need to know more about how their directors' and officers' insurance works. A practical guide to what bankers … [Read more...]

Bank Civil Money Penalties Insurance Update

A note from a client today - to his agent, cc to me:~~~~~Bob (not the agent's real name), With the many new laws, regulations and agencies to enforce them, we are concerned about the possibility of errors in the mortgage lending area and possible fines related thereto.  It is our understanding that it is possible for the institution, and the loan … [Read more...]

Bank Insurance Issues – ABA Journal

The American Bankers Association's ABA Banking Journal picked up a piece I wrote a few months ago."In insurance, sometimes little things become big things when they aren’t addressed properly.  Often banks focus on the “big things..."Read the whole article here. … [Read more...]

FDIC and Professional Liability Lawsuits

I do a lot of work with banks. I subscribe to FDIC news notices.This one (2/10/2011) made my blood run cold... Something about the tone... Obviously I knew that FDIC goes after bank directors. However!Professional Liability LawsuitsAs receiver for a failed financial institution, the FDIC may sue professionals who played a role in the failure of … [Read more...]

Diary of a Bank Insurance Review

Well over 75% of the calls I get are from bankers who want a review of their bank's insurance coverage.The process is straightforward. Send me your policies and other information. I review it, ask some questions, and report the issues I find.Once I get the info I need, I can finish a review and have your bank moving towards improved insurance … [Read more...]