Even Without A Car You Can Have An Accident

Reviewing a new clients insurance.  The corporation owns no cars.  They also have no coverage for an auto accident."So what?" says my client.Your employee is driving to an appointment in her own car.  She causes an accident.She is going to get sued and so are you - as employers are responsible for the actions of their employees.Buy non-owned auto … [Read more...]

Business Car or Personal Car

I was recently asked about the issues with insuring a personal vehicle on a business auto policy. Here's what I said:The name on the title/lease should be the name on the insurance policy.A personal auto policy is for a person.A business auto policy is for a business (corp, LLC, partnership...).Messing with any of the above is asking for insurance … [Read more...]

Personal Use of A Business Auto

If you provide a car to an employee who does not own a car insured by a personal auto policy, that employee has an insurance problem.Under a personal auto policy coverage is extended to protect the insured when she is driving a friend or neighbor's car - or any non-owned vehicle.That coverage is not provided on a commercial auto policy.Talk with … [Read more...]

Insurance Terms-Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is a part of your auto insurance.It's coverage for damage caused to the insured vehicle by an automobile accident or an upset of the vehicle. However, damage caused by collision with an animal or bird is covered by comprehensive automobile insurance and is not considered a collision.Class dismissed. … [Read more...]

Employee Use Of Personal Autos

I have written about this in the past. It's related to the non-owned auto insurance issue I wrote about several days ago. Jane has been an employee of your company for many years. A good and faithful employee. On her way back from a meeting in the next city a truck kicks up a stone that breaks Jane's windshield. Jane is now in your office asking … [Read more...]