Disability Insurance For a Buy/Sell Agreement

Partners should consider disability insurance as a part of the funding of a buy/sell agreement. This is in addition the life insurance you are (hopefully) buying.What is the impact of the loss of a key employee to your company? Look at your most skilled staff. What happens if Joe is disabled for 6 months? How will your business be affected?Life … [Read more...]

Contractors and Bonds

A bond is a financial guarantee usually in regard to the performance work.Contractors doing work for municipalities or government agencies often must obtain a bond that guarantees that work will be completed as agreed. If there is a default, the bonding company responds with a payment.Unlike insurance, a bond requires that repayment be made to the … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Recovery Insurance

Many insurance companies are starting to offer coverage for the victims of identity theft. Insurers offer this protection as part of homeowners insurance or business owners coverage. Some are also offering the insurance to be included in employee assistance programs.Check with your home and business insurance agent to see if your carrier offers … [Read more...]