Intro to Cyber/Internet Exposures & Insurance

As our dependance on both the computer and the internet grows, computer insurance coverage becomes more and more important.Let's start with the exposures of the computer.First, there is damage or loss of your "stuff." For example, your computer equipment is destroyed in a fire, or a voltage surge blows out your network, destroying your data. It … [Read more...]

12,000 Laptops Lost Every Week

More than 12,000 laptop computers are lost each week in American airports. That's one of the conclusions from a recent Dell-sponsored study, "The Case of Lost Laptops." The full 17 page report is a wake-up call for travelers. Think of the data lost and the information compromised! Here is a link to the full report. Here is a link to a … [Read more...]

Insuring Your Computers

Some property insurers segregate computers into a separate limit of coverage. Are your computers properly covered? Is the limit of insurance adequate? Is a computer virus a covered cause of loss? Does the policy include coverage for laptops and other computer equipment that is away from a covered premises? Is there coverage for PDAs and hand-held … [Read more...]