Lost Laptop = $1,000,000 Reward

Hip-hop artist Ryan Leslie is really wants his stolen laptop back. He is offering a $1 million reward for its return.Read more here. Of course he wants his laptop - but he really wants his data-files. Too bad he didn't spend $100 on a backup system and another $50 for a service like Lojack for Laptops.Backup all your computers. Protect your … [Read more...]

12,000 Laptops Lost Every Week

More than 12,000 laptop computers are lost each week in American airports. That's one of the conclusions from a recent Dell-sponsored study, "The Case of Lost Laptops." The full 17 page report is a wake-up call for travelers. Think of the data lost and the information compromised! Here is a link to the full report. Here is a link to a … [Read more...]

Cure For the Disappearing Laptop

For $50 a year you can add LoJack to your laptop.The same people who provide a way to get your car back when its stolen have put together a similar system for your laptop. We all have heard the horror stories of the data breaches and shear turmoil that's caused by a lost computer.http://www.absolute.comCombine LoJack with passwords, data … [Read more...]

Data Backup Services

Having backups of your computer data files is critical to any disaster recovery plan. They keys are:Timely Backup - The backup must be of your current data.Simple - Human nature being what it is, you must have a simple system that requires minimal interaction.Off Site Storage - Off site means that you have access even when your computer is … [Read more...]

Uninteruptable Power Source

After 8 years, my UPS died. As I ordered a replacement it dawned on me that I could not recall many conversations about this tool. Perhaps it's so common that nobody even talks about it.An uninterruptable power source (UPS) is a power strip with a built in battery. If the electricity in your office goes out, the UPS gives you enough juice to power … [Read more...]

Problems with Computer Insurance Coverage

In years past many business owners and their insurance agents added specific computer coverage to their insurance plans. That may have been the right path at the time - it may not be right now. A separate coverage part means a separate limit of coverage that may or may not be correct. A company that has $575,000 of coverage for business personal … [Read more...]

Coinsurance In Property Insurance

This weekend I spent some time reviewing renewal policies for several clients. An issue jumped out that I have not mentioned in a while.Coinsurance is a penalty clause in property insurance policies that requires a certain percentage of the property's value to be insured.Example: A building with a replacement cost of $1,000,000 and an 80% … [Read more...]