The LL Bean Guarantee

Being from Maine, we order stuff from LL Bean regularly.It is, I have found, always a simple process.  You call. They answer (not a recording). The salesperson greets me by name (caller ID works well in Maine). She answers my questions and takes my order.  A few days later my order arrives.  The stuff is almost always perfect.  If it is not, they … [Read more...]

My Fans

I get calls every week from readers of this blog. Frankly, it's fun and an ego boost.A caller today asked the difference between how I approach insurance and what an agent does.Agents (usually) work for an insurance company and are paid on a commission basis - bigger premiums = bigger commissions.I work for the insurance buyer - they pay my fee. … [Read more...]

The Value I bring to My Clients

Two projects I am finishing up on prove my value to my clients.   One got a premium reduced by 20% keeping the coverage the same. The other got a client's premium reduced by 30% improving coverage dramatically. Knowing how to negotiate with insurance companies and agents is part of the value I bring to my clients. In the two cases above my total … [Read more...]

Insurance Review – Coverage, Service, Price

Your business insurance program is determined by three components:   1) Your appetite for risk 2) The insurance marketplace 3) Your loss exposures   Those three variables determine the insurance program that protects your business.   Let's go deeper though...   --Who assesses the overall quality of your insurance plan?     --What biases … [Read more...]

Ongoing Insurance Consulting Case Study

I'm frequently asked by prospective clients about the steps that my insurance review projects go through. I've posted an ongoing case study (names changed) of a current project with a bank. I've really only just started. Check back often. Follow my progress here. Scott Simmonds, CPCU, ARM, CMC "The Guy With the Big Insurance … [Read more...]