Credit Union Insurance-Assurance Workbook

The newest version of my Credit Union Insurance-Assurance Workbook is available now on Amazon. With this workbook you can review all aspects of your credit union's insurance program. The tool is designed as a guide to work with your current insurance agent to identify gaps and overlaps in your insurance. Provides the questions to ask your agent … [Read more...]

Insurance Matters: Used Up and Left Out

My latest column for CU Management:Your credit union undoubtedly buys directors’ and officers’ insurance to cover your board members. There is a fly in the ointment, though. What you have for insurance may not be enough. If it is enough, it may not be the right kind. If it is the right kind, it might get all used up.First, we have to talk about … [Read more...]

Insurance Matters: Property Insurance Issues Part 2

My February column for CU Management...More property insurance issues for credit unions - See the column here.Flood insuranceEarthquake coverageComputers … [Read more...]

Insurance Matters: Property Insurance Issues Part 1

My January column for CU Management:You’d think that the coverage on your credit union’s buildings and business property would be pretty straightforward. It’s a place I see plenty of problems, though.This and the next few installments of this column will focus on credit union property insurance, where I’ll pose the issues as questions you can put … [Read more...]

Insurance Matters: Claims-Made Policies

From my monthly column for CU Management, the basics of claims made policies...Your credit union directors’ and officers’ insurance is unlike most other liability insurance policies.“Normal” casualty insurance policies (general liability, automobile, workers' compensation) pay for events that occur during the policy period. These are called … [Read more...]

Monthly Insurance Column for Credit Union Insurance Buyers posted the first of my monthly columns on credit union insurance issues - Insurance Matters.Third Thursday of ever month I'll post a different credit union insurance piece. Comments and questions welcome.This Month's Topic: Employment practices liability insurance tips and traps … [Read more...]