The Road Will Be Bumpy – Plan on It

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.If anything can go wrong, it will.All systems degenerate over time.No matter what you think will happen, something else will pop up that you had not thought of.Who would argue with any of the above?  We see it in everything we do.  You plan an event, a product, a campaign, or a process, and … [Read more...]

Disaster Is A Mouse

You are having a nice meal with a friend at a nice restaurant. There is a commotion at a nearby table.  You look over and in a bowl of salad is a dead mouse.  The woman who was served the salad is understandably freaking out. People are coming over.  Many with cel phones are taking pictures of the mouse. You can be sure that those pictures will end … [Read more...]

Hurricane Preparedness Week

From May 23 to May 29th, it's Hurricane Preparedness Week. Go to From June through November it's hurricane season on the Atlantic coast.  This advice is true, though, for all parts of the US. Do you have a disaster plan? Start simple.  How would you communicate with your employees in an emergency?  Do you have a list of … [Read more...]

Emergency Communications Tool

The ability to contact employees in an emergency is a vital part of a disaster plan. Companies have traditionally used "telephone call-trees" as a way of passing information from one employee to another. Technology offers what may be a better solution. is a company that offers a voice broadcast system. You download your list of … [Read more...]

Have The Will To Have A Will

Yes, I know, a will is not insurance. However, it certainly is a risk management tool. Depending on your state law, dying without a will could lead to a delay in the settlement of your estate or forfeiture of part of your assets to the state. If your will is more than five years old, get it revised. Failure to have a current, valid will means … [Read more...]

Disaster Planning

A month ago I blogged on disaster planning. I received a few emails chastising me for putting a communications plan as step one. Here is my response, so you can stop emailing me.When I work with a client on disaster planning I take a holistic approach. That's easy for a consultant to do - move forward step by step. My earlier post was not a … [Read more...]