Intro to Cyber/Internet Exposures & Insurance

As our dependance on both the computer and the internet grows, computer insurance coverage becomes more and more important.Let's start with the exposures of the computer.First, there is damage or loss of your "stuff." For example, your computer equipment is destroyed in a fire, or a voltage surge blows out your network, destroying your data. It … [Read more...]

Internet Insurance Exposures

Frankly, most people in the insurance industry are not yet comfortable with the exposures to loss presented by the internet. Most insurance companies are using exclusionary language for issues like intellectual property and cyber-theft. Work with your insurance advisor to identify your exposures to loss involving the internet. Watch your … [Read more...]

Data Compromise Insurance

Several insurers are offering special coverage for liability arising out of the loss of personal information that was in the insured's care, custody, and control.Claims can come at you from two events. First there is the loss of data caused by a hacking event; a failure in your security allows an outside party to access your customer/employee … [Read more...]