Mental Health Parity is the Law on October 3, 2009

In about a month federal law (actually ERISA) will require parity in health insurance benefits for mental health issues in group insurance and self insured plans. Talk with your plan administrator or insurance company about when your plan is required to comply.Read the bill here. … [Read more...]

You, Your Employees, ERISA, and Your House

(Earlier this year I wrote this article for a human resources publication. I never heard if they actually published the piece. I looked on their website and couldn't find it. Waste not, want not.)I assume, like most HR professionals, you have something to do with your company's employee benefit plan. Further, I assume you are human and … [Read more...]

Employee v. Contractor

In most states employers must buy workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees.Contractors are not employees and therefore you don't need to buy workers' compensation coverage for them.  Beware of trying to call an employee a contractor. If they look like employees and act like employees, they are employees.Here is a common … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Recovery Insurance

Many insurance companies are starting to offer coverage for the victims of identity theft. Insurers offer this protection as part of homeowners insurance or business owners coverage. Some are also offering the insurance to be included in employee assistance programs.Check with your home and business insurance agent to see if your carrier offers … [Read more...]