Monthly Insurance Column for Credit Union Insurance Buyers posted the first of my monthly columns on credit union insurance issues - Insurance Matters.Third Thursday of ever month I'll post a different credit union insurance piece. Comments and questions welcome.This Month's Topic: Employment practices liability insurance tips and traps … [Read more...]

Creeps Creeping into Your Business

A client just called in the midst of a dilemma. Ten years ago an employee sexually harassed another employee. He was reprimanded and the harassed employee did not want further action taken. Last year he did it again and was dismissed.Now he has put out a request that his former employer hire him as a contractor.Why would you want someone like … [Read more...]

Six Steps To Avoiding An Harassment Lawsuit

1. Have a strong anti harassment policy 2. Enforce that policy 3. Conduct regular training 4. Insist on professional conduct 5. Investigate all allegations of harassment 6. Lead by example … [Read more...]

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Exclusions

EPLI policies routinely exclude a number of employment-related actions from coverage including:-Workers' compensation claims,-ERISA actions,-Employment wage disputes (Fair Labor Standards Act),-Unemployment Insurance,-Disability benefits law,  -National Labor Relations Act, -Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act,-Occupational Safety and … [Read more...]

Severance Agreements

My friend Rick Dacri is an HR consultant. His latest newsletter included some comments on the EEOC's latest guidance for employees on severance agreements and employment practices claims. Important reading for all employers who use severance agreements in layoffs or terminations. Thanks Rick. … [Read more...]

How to Buy Employment Practices Liability Insurance

IntroductionConsider these events:-An employee claims to have been harassed by a supervisor and threatens to sue.-A customer service clerk who is discharged for chronic performance deficiencies claims age discrimination.-An unsuccessful job applicant alleges racial discrimination.-An employee claims that her supervisor ignored her reports of sexual … [Read more...]

Layoffs Done Right

Interesting op-ed piece from HR Guru Roberta Chinsky Matuson on the impact of layoffs on the employer's reputation.Roberta makes some great points. Some companies are good at managing their employment relationship. Others... Not so good. … [Read more...]

Update Your Employment Handbook

Rick Dacri is an HR consultant. He and I have known each other for some time now. In these times it is even more important to be sure your employment handbook and procedures are in place and up to date. Here are some suggestions from Rick's recent newsletter: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There have been a number of changes on … [Read more...]

Employment Practices Liablity – How to Buy It

My latest in the "How to Buy Insurance" series is, How To Buy Employment Practices Liability Insurance. It is a free 18 page whitepaper written for insurance buyers who want to know the ins and outs of the insurance protection they buy.-Employment discrimination-Wrongful discharge-Failure to hire-HarassmentI cover the coverage points, provide an … [Read more...]

New-Hire Work Status

I just learned of a program that can help employers determine the legal status of new the website:"E-Verify is jointly administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). This … [Read more...]