Banks Selling Insurance – Helping Customers

For the past 15 years banks have been trying to figure out how to sell insurance. The idea is to increase fee income and leverage the relationships - "synergy" is the word that gets thrown about. Sometimes it works OK - other times, well, not so good. At the same time, insurance agents have done an abysmal job of selling two types of … [Read more...]

New York Man’s Faked Store Fall Caught on Tape

Authorities say a central New York convenience store's surveillance cameras caught a man purposely pouring soda on the floor and then faking a fall so he could file an insurance claim against the business.Full Story Here … [Read more...]

Agent Pockets Premium – Ends Up Paying Losses

A California agent pocketed $6,000 in premiums instead of ordering a policy.  He ended up paying a $200,000 loss incured by the insurance buyer.He also ends up serving two years of probation. Story Here … [Read more...]

Insurance Fraud

As the economy continues to worsen, it is no surprise that some desperate people will use insurance fraud as a way out.Seattle Man Accused of Sinking His Own Yacht Fortunately, insurers are pretty good at discovering fraud.Coalition Against Insurance Fraud … [Read more...]