US Government Causes Sandy Devastation

Ok, that's a stretch.  Give me a chance though...It's 1995 and you decide to build a house.  There is a nice piece of land on the Jersey Shore.  You get a set of plans and go to the bank.  The bank says they are happy to loan you the money, but, you will need to buy insurance.You go to your insurance agent who says he is glad to insure your new … [Read more...]

Feds Shut Down Mandated Insurance Program – Leave Homebuyers Stranded

It is no secret that I hate government involvement in business. They just mess things up.Now we have the shutdown of the federal flood insurance program. Federal law requires that you buy flood insurance when you borrow money on a building in a flood area. So, for at least the next three weeks nobody will be able to buy a home using a bank … [Read more...]