New York Man’s Faked Store Fall Caught on Tape

Authorities say a central New York convenience store's surveillance cameras caught a man purposely pouring soda on the floor and then faking a fall so he could file an insurance claim against the business.Full Story Here … [Read more...]

Never Shade The Facts on Your Insurance Application

A discussion group currently includes a question about an application where the age of the roof was misrepresented. The agent asked if such could void coverage.The answer is, "Of course it can!"Insurance companies issue policies based upon the information they are provided. If that information is materially wrong there is an impact on the … [Read more...]

Economy Puts Ethical Pressures on Agents

In my insurance travels I have found that most insurance agents are honest.However, here is a 3 minute video from the Insurance Journal that points to an increase in premium theft by insurance agents.Key signs that your agent is not forwarding your premiums to your insurance company:-You never receive an insurance policy. When you ask, your agent … [Read more...]

Recession Increasing Insurance Fraud

Interesting article from Insurance Journal...Insurance fraud is a huge problem for my industry. I'm no longer surprised at the ingenuity of people in the schemes to steal.Scott Simmonds, CPCU, ARM, CMCProviding Insurance Assurance … [Read more...]

Insurance Fraud

As the economy continues to worsen, it is no surprise that some desperate people will use insurance fraud as a way out.Seattle Man Accused of Sinking His Own Yacht Fortunately, insurers are pretty good at discovering fraud.Coalition Against Insurance Fraud … [Read more...]