Loss Control – Water, Hot Spots, Insects and Pests

I'm catching up on my reading... November issue of Best Review (AM Best Company) - article by Scott Spencer on the hidden problems that can lurk in buildings - problems that become evident over time, but by then it is way too late.(Unfortunately the article is available to subscribers only. Bad on you AM Best!)Spencer discusses electrical … [Read more...]

Scott’s Rules of Insurance – Rule 3 – Preventing A Loss Is Better Than Being Insured

Rule 3 - Preventing a loss is better than being insured. Limiting a loss is the next best thing to preventing it.I consider any loss as a failure in some system. Build operations and procedures to prevent and limit loss. Place backups. Create stop-gaps and fail-safes. Inspect your electrical systems annually. Install water-usage alarms to … [Read more...]


You simply must backup your computer.Yesterday, a panicked friend called asking for advice.  Her laptop had been stolen and she wanted to know if I knew how to track it down.  She called Apple and they couldn't help either.You must backup your data.You must have a way to quickly change passwords and logins in case your computer is stolenIf you have … [Read more...]

Documentation Documentation Documentation

-What did you know?-When did you know it?-What did you do?-What did they do?Lawsuits involve disputes of fact. Many professional liability lawsuits and employment practices allegations involve the answers to the above four questions. Immediate written documentation of events is your best line of defense against allegations of wrongdoing.The rule … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Insurance Claims

I got a call the other day from a business owner who was going through a bad claim - a fire destroyed his business. He was not a happy guy. Insurance will not pay half of his total costs. He will probably never open his doors again. The best loss is one that never happens. The second best loss is one that you took action to mitigate. The least … [Read more...]

Fire Extingishers In the News

Here are three news stories where fire extinguishers - and people trained in their use - saved the day! Residents Displaced by Fairfield Fire Richmond Post Office Opens on Time After Early Morning Fire Neighbors help douse Taylors fire OSHA requires that all businesses have appropriate fire extinguishers on site. Also, employees must … [Read more...]

Slip Prevention Strategy

Thousands of employees are injured each year in slip and fall accidents. All are preventable.Clear halls and walkways, remove snow and ice, use non-slip floor coverings. The most important thing may be the shoes your employees wear.Shoes For Crews is a company that specializes in safe shoes that are fashionable and slip-resistant. They have an … [Read more...]

Security Cameras

There are four broad areas where security cameras can help a business:-Preventing Theft-Convicting a Thief -Documenting Accidents-Proving An Accident Did Not OccurNo thief wants to get caught. Visible cameras in a business deter theft and make it easier to prove what was taken, by whom, and when. The current digital technology allow an item to be … [Read more...]