Free Amazon Book – NonProfit Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

Free Book Now On Amazon I am excited to announce that my newest book is now available on Amazon Kindle - for free.   How To Buy Directors' and Officers' Insurance For Your Nonprofit  While you may not be in the nonprofit world, you probably volunteer there - or you know someone who does.   Frankly, only a small part of my consulting … [Read more...]

NonProfit Directors and Officers

A reporter from the National Underwriter called me the other day to talk about directors and officers (D&O) insurance for nonprofits. Here is the piece.I enjoy talking with writers.  I tend to look at the world a bit differently from other insurance people.  I'm glad to give a different perspective. … [Read more...]

NonProfits-Where and Why Buy D&O

Letter from someone who found me on the internet... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July 25, 2011 Dear Scott, I just read your article here: and wonder if you might answer a few questions for me. I am a … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance – Article

Many nonprofits wonder if directors’ and officers’ liability insurance is a must-have, just like bylaws or a conflict-of-interest policy, especially as even the smallest organization will have to pay upward of $1,200 per year for it.Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance—known as D&O insurance—is protection against a breach of duty by the … [Read more...]

WSJ – Tis The Season to Be Stupid

I got a short mention in yesterday's Wall Street Journal...I'm always amazed when I find non-profit boards of directors without directors' and officers' insurance. … [Read more...]

We Get Letters… Non-Profit Liability Insurance

The Email:Scott,I am the volunteer executive director of the xxxx Football Boosters, a non-profit group that raises funds for the xxxx High School Football team in a part of Los Angeles.We have a grant pending. They've requested proof of liability insurance. We don't have it. We'd like to get it. You were recommended through Guide Star as the … [Read more...]

How to Buy Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance

My guide to nonprofit directors and officers insurance is available at my store. Go Here Includes a description of coverages, endorsements, issues to watch out for and a worksheet to help you compare proposals. … [Read more...]

Covering Volunteers Under Workers Compensation

A friend contacted me asking how a nonprofit can cover volunteers on a workers' compensation policy. Volunteers and workers' comp are usually mutually exclusive - employees are covered, volunteers are not. I'm not sure why you would want to cover anyone extra on a work comp policy. The coverage isnt that great (lost wages coverage is pretty low … [Read more...]

NonProfit Dangers

I'm starting to hear rumblings that some not-for-profits are letting their directors and officers insurance expire to save money.Many are working on misinformation. Here are facts:-D&O policies pay for wrongful acts - bad decisions. -D&O policies exclude bodily injury, property damage, and usually personal injury.-The commercial liability policy … [Read more...]

Risky Biz – Nonprofit Board Service

From the moment you get up in the morning until you go to bed, everything has the potential for risk. Any time your actions could cause injury or loss to someone else, you're exposed to the possibility of a lawsuit. The nature of your actions determines what type of insurance you need to cover the exposure. Your personal liability insurance … [Read more...]