Horrible Phone Call

The other day I got a horrible phone call. One of my clients is in the middle of a messy claim on their home insurance policy. My work for this client has been on his company.  I had offered to review his personal insurance.  He never took me up on that offer.  Now he is having a problem. I never want to get a call like this … [Read more...]

Business Car or Personal Car

I was recently asked about the issues with insuring a personal vehicle on a business auto policy. Here's what I said:The name on the title/lease should be the name on the insurance policy.A personal auto policy is for a person.A business auto policy is for a business (corp, LLC, partnership...).Messing with any of the above is asking for insurance … [Read more...]

Personal Use of A Business Auto

If you provide a car to an employee who does not own a car insured by a personal auto policy, that employee has an insurance problem.Under a personal auto policy coverage is extended to protect the insured when she is driving a friend or neighbor's car - or any non-owned vehicle.That coverage is not provided on a commercial auto policy.Talk with … [Read more...]

Livery and Your Personal Auto Policy

Livery is carrying goods or people for a fee. There are insurance coverage issues to consider when a business uses a personal vehicle owned by an employee.  Most personal auto policies exclude coverage when the vehicle is used for livery.  The purpose of the exclusion is to remove coverage for a vehicle held out to the public as being for hire - a … [Read more...]