Horrible Phone Call

The other day I got a horrible phone call. One of my clients is in the middle of a messy claim on their home insurance policy. My work for this client has been on his company.  I had offered to review his personal insurance.  He never took me up on that offer.  Now he is having a problem. I never want to get a call like this … [Read more...]

Barbie Jeep Exclusion on the HO policy

Chris Boggs of the Academy of Insurance pointed out an exclusion on most home insurance policies I had never thought of. The policy excludes liability from Barbie Jeeps operated off the residence premises. Barbie Jeeps are those battery operated "cars" that kids sit in and ride down the sidewalk.Now, certainly there is no specific exclusion. … [Read more...]

Insurance Issues For Home Based Businesses

Don’t Depend on Your Homeowner’s Insurance to Protect Your BusinessProperty insurance covers your stuff – desks, chairs, inventory, computers, etc. Liability coverage protects you against a lawsuit if someone is hurt either while visiting you or due to a defect in your product. In general, personal policies just don’t do the job for a business. … [Read more...]

Saving Money on Personal Insurance

Here's an article that includes some comments from an interview I did.Info on home and personal auto insurance.http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/personal-finance/reduce-insurance-costs-benefits/ … [Read more...]

Home and Office Inventory

When I first entered the insurance business, insurers offered neat (I thought) little books of blank pages ready for insureds to fill in with lists of their belongings. The idea was that after a fire, the books would provide a record of their possessions, making loss adjustment easier. Nobody ever filled out those books.A better way to document … [Read more...]

Home Security and Safety Tips

Here are some general home security and safety tips: -How secure are your basement windows? Install window grills to prevent intrusion. Reinforce basement doors, too. -Check your washing machine hoses once a month - look for bulges and leaks. A broken hose will ruin your day. -Check your door locks. How substantial are they? Are the door … [Read more...]

Have The Will To Have A Will

Yes, I know, a will is not insurance. However, it certainly is a risk management tool. Depending on your state law, dying without a will could lead to a delay in the settlement of your estate or forfeiture of part of your assets to the state. If your will is more than five years old, get it revised. Failure to have a current, valid will means … [Read more...]

When You Are Liable For Libel, Are You Covered?

Unlike commercial insurance, most homeowner’s insurance policies don't include coverage for libel, slander, false arrest, or invasion of privacy. Several years ago, a “good friend” of mine was away on vacation. Neighborhood kids decided it would be OK to party at his home. The place was trashed. Upon returning home my friend pressed charges … [Read more...]

Insurance Terms-Collision Insurance

Collision insurance is a part of your auto insurance.It's coverage for damage caused to the insured vehicle by an automobile accident or an upset of the vehicle. However, damage caused by collision with an animal or bird is covered by comprehensive automobile insurance and is not considered a collision.Class dismissed. … [Read more...]

Long Term Care Insurance

More and more Americans are realizing the importance of insurance that pays for a stay in a nursing home or home care after surgery.Here is a white paper I put together on purchasing long term care insurance. … [Read more...]