Instant Insurance Premium Savings!

Much of the premiums paid by a business are determined by payroll and sales. Specifically, If your sales go up, your general liability premium goes up. Same with payroll and workers compensation (and some liability policies).Call your agent and find out what sales and payroll numbers are being used to rate your policies. If you estimate lower … [Read more...]

Ten Simple Things You Can Do To Manage Risk and Cut Your Insurance Premiums

1 - Email your agent - tell him that you expect that he will meet with you 120 days before your policies expire and that he will have a renewal quote to you 30 days BEFORE expiration.2 - Test your computer backup system - tell you techies that they will delete a file in front of you and restore from the backup.3 - Every 6 months look at a complete … [Read more...]

Has Overtime Been Excluded From Your Workers’ Compensation Payroll?

An Excerpt From My Book, Simmonds on Workers' Compensation Insurance: When a worker receives overtime, the extra amount paid is not part of workers' compensation payroll. For example, if a worker makes $8.00 per hour normally and $12 for overtime (time-and-a-half) the only payroll that is counted is the $8.00. Make sure the extra for overtime … [Read more...]