Employed Lawyers E&O

Attorneys in private practice buy errors and omissions insurance. Such is coverage for suits brought by clients for malpractice.When attorney goes to work for a private firm the need for errors and omissions insurance drops to almost zero - an employer can not sue an employee for malpractice.I said almost zero.Employed lawyers sometimes continue … [Read more...]

The Standard is That There is No Standard In Professional Liability

There are no standard policies in professional liability insurance. Every insurer will have their own definitions, exclusions, limitations, and expansions.Review your policies carefully. … [Read more...]

Documentation Documentation Documentation

-What did you know?-When did you know it?-What did you do?-What did they do?Lawsuits involve disputes of fact. Many professional liability lawsuits and employment practices allegations involve the answers to the above four questions. Immediate written documentation of events is your best line of defense against allegations of wrongdoing.The rule … [Read more...]


Twice in two weeks I have reviewed professional liability insurance policies with an exclusion for:"any claim arising out of or connected with... an entity... in which any insured is a director, officer, partner or principal stockholder."So, a consultant who volunteers as a board member for a nonprofit who at the same time acts as an advisor to … [Read more...]

Claims Made vs Occurrence Liability Insurance Policies

Most casualty insurance policies (general liability, automobile, workers' compensation) pay for events that occur during the policy period. For example, an auto insurance policy will pay for an accident that occurs while the policy is in force.Directors and officers liability insurance policies, professional liability and employment practices … [Read more...]