State Workers Comp Rate Ranking

How does your state stack up relative to other states in the cost of workers' compensation?Here is the rate summary page of the Oregon Report. … [Read more...]

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Report Out

Every two years the OR Department of Consumer and Business Services puts out a report of the workers' compensation rates of the 50 states. It does a pretty good job of outlining where everyone is. It appears on its face to be fair.Check out your state.Montana has the highest rates at 163% of the median.North Dakota has the lowest rates at 50% of … [Read more...]

Work Comp Insurance Rate Rankings By State

Each year Oregon surveys the workers' compensation insurance rates of the states and ranks them.This year's ranking just came out. … [Read more...]


Your premium is the price of insuring a specific risk over a period of time. business insurance premiums are determined in a wide variety of ways. Property insurance premiums are determined by multiplying a rate per $100 times the amount of coverage to be purchased.  A $1,000,000 building with a $.30 rate is $3,000 in … [Read more...]