Undoing Obama Care

Good article by Steve Forbes on pealing back the new health-careless program - http://goo.gl/SSZF … [Read more...]

Consumer Protection Laws Are Risky To You

Understand the Consumer Laws That "Protect" Your CustomersGo to your state's website. Search the term, "consumer protection." You may be surprised at the breadth of protections, prohibited practices, anti-trust issues, and the like that are outlined. - Hide quoted text -Think of the negative publicity that can come from a local news story … [Read more...]

Unclaimed Property Liabilities

What are your responsibilities regarding unclaimed property?-Uncashed payroll checks-Checks to vendors that are uncashed-Account receivable credit balances-Unused gift certificatesBusiness Finance Magazine recently summarized the major points of a book by Tracey Reid, Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process and Audit Survival Guide (Wiley and … [Read more...]

Check Your Posters

Are your employment posters up to date? When was the last time you took a look at the notices posted on your employee bulletin board? Do you have your state's work comp, overtime, wage laws, VDT, Discrimination posters up?Federal law employment posters can be found at http://www.dol.gov/elaws/posters.htm.Check your state department of labor … [Read more...]