When Should Your Insurance Expire?

I'm almost finished with my client's renewals for January 1, 2012.  This is always a hectic time of year.The most common renewal dates are the quarter changes - January 1, April 1, July1, and October 1.I'm not sure most policy holders get the attention they deserve when they are one of 100 renewals an underwriter is handling (I exaggerate).Pick a … [Read more...]

Buyer’s Insurance Market Continues

Without any hints as to whom I am speaking of (agents read this blog too - I will not mention the industries or the regions), I just received several proposals on bid projects.The renewals are being offered at about 20% below last year's premium with significantly better coverage. The competing carriers (multiple agents) are offering quotes at 40% … [Read more...]

Scott’s Rules of Insurance – Rule 4 – Insurance Is A Process, Not An Event

Rule 4 -  Insurance is a process, not an event.Managing your insurance is not just about your policy renewals.  As your business changes, your insurance must change.Your insurance is determined by your exposures.Certainly the renewal process is important.  However, there needs to be a regular chance to review and update coverage during the policy … [Read more...]