Liquor Liability For Bankers

"We're having a little dinner party this evening with some of our employees.  If someone drinks and then has an accident are we covered?"This was the question a bank client asked me the other day.The short answer is, yes.Most bank general liability policies cover "incidental liquor liability" claims.  A party, a dinner, a chamber of commerce … [Read more...]

Bed Bug Insurance

Photo By John Chmielewski This was news to me... Bed Bug Insurance for hotels - Cimex Lectularius/Cimex Hemipterus Where there is a risk - there is a way. … [Read more...]

Environmental Risk

Ha! You're thinking I was referring to pollution.Nope.I did a bit of traveling a few weeks ago.  I had my breakfast in the same restaurant 6 days in a row. I would bring my laptop as stay-on to do some writing.  It was pleasant and comfortable.  I got a great deal done.After a few days I realized that there was soft, upbeat instrumental music … [Read more...]

Uneven Ground

My granddaughter was just learning how to walk. She had taken a few steps, and was in that stage of wobble more than toddle.She did fine inside.  She could take steps, stand for a bit, then hold onto a coffee table or chair leg.She was outside walking on the driveway.  It was more challenging - nothing to grab.  She was doing OK.She then ventured … [Read more...]

The Road Will Be Bumpy – Plan on It

No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.If anything can go wrong, it will.All systems degenerate over time.No matter what you think will happen, something else will pop up that you had not thought of.Who would argue with any of the above?  We see it in everything we do.  You plan an event, a product, a campaign, or a process, and … [Read more...]

Know Your Drivers

Use the resources of your insurance company to help you learn the driving records of your employees.  Check your regular drivers and even those employees who only drive occasionally.  Do you really want someone with four speeding tickets in the past four months driving on your dime? … [Read more...]

World Backup Day

I learned today that March 31 is World Backup Day.Who knows who decided this.  Who cares.  It's the day before April Fools Day.  Maybe that is it.A backup is a part of a plan.  I do not care about the backup.  I care that when the really bad stuff happens, that you can get back into business quickly.Here's what I think every CEO should do Monday … [Read more...]

Disaster Is A Mouse

You are having a nice meal with a friend at a nice restaurant. There is a commotion at a nearby table.  You look over and in a bowl of salad is a dead mouse.  The woman who was served the salad is understandably freaking out. People are coming over.  Many with cel phones are taking pictures of the mouse. You can be sure that those pictures will end … [Read more...]

IT Pros Not Betting on Their Own Security Measures

A recent report holds that only about half of Info Tech professionals are willing to bet on their network security.Article HereThat is not encouraging. My version:"Dear IT Professional, We are paying you to ensure that our network is secure. We believe in you. We understand that the bad guys are good at being bad.  We also know that you need … [Read more...]

Carbon Monoxide

A friend had a scare with carbon monoxide. Her daughter lives a few doors down the street with her husband and little children. The CO monitor went off last night. By the time she got the kids out and the fire department arrived the CO levels were lethal. What a very different morning today would have been.You need a CO monitor on every level … [Read more...]