The To-Do List on Steroids

To do or not to do, that is, quite literally, the question.Few of us have the memory to keep everything in our heads. The To Do list is a time proven key to success. My approach involves four lists that work together to build a system for achievement, time savings, and success.List One - A Reminder ListSome writers have called this a mind-dump. A … [Read more...]

How Do You Manage the Risk of Misused Time?

It's time to declare war on Time Poverty. Join me for a free 45 minute Time Management Teleseminar on Sept 17 at Noon Eastern time. Gain productivity - Work easier - Be more effective - Reach your business and personal objectives. … [Read more...]

What An Insurance Consultant Wants

Here is a letter I wrote that was published in Agent & Broker Magazine in 2005. The points still hold true. Insurance agents need to improve their approach. What an Insurance Consultant Wants I just got an email note from Agent & Broker with suggestions on how to sell insurance with a laptop computer. To agents out there, I'm … [Read more...]

Time-Risk Management

I've studied risk for more than 25 years. Much of my work, obviously, involves the use of insurance products.Financial risk directly impacts an organization's financial statements. The loss of a building due to fire or the impact of a lawsuit are both examples of financial risk. Most insurance products address financial risk.Qualitative risks … [Read more...]