The Part of Your Insurance Premium You Control

The insurance underwriter is the person at the insurance company that prices your policy.  As with all humans (mostly) underwriters judge books by their covers.  Underwriters can increase your insurance premium by 25% and they can decrease your premiums by 25%. The following are important in the underwriter's impression of your business. … [Read more...]

Why Your Underwriter Is Important

The underwriter is the employee at your insurance company who decides how much coverage to provide and what premium to charge you.Between 20 and 30 percent of your business insurance premium is in his control - coverage decisions too.Insurers use a rating system that uses statistical data about your operation and sets a base premium.  From there, … [Read more...]

Never Shade The Facts on Your Insurance Application

A discussion group currently includes a question about an application where the age of the roof was misrepresented. The agent asked if such could void coverage.The answer is, "Of course it can!"Insurance companies issue policies based upon the information they are provided. If that information is materially wrong there is an impact on the … [Read more...]