State Workers Comp Rate Ranking

How does your state stack up relative to other states in the cost of workers' compensation?Here is the rate summary page of the Oregon Report. … [Read more...]

No Incentive Programs For Workplace Safety

A March 12 memo from the US Department of Labor takes a pretty clear stand on the issue of workers who are injured and who are disciplined in some way for violations of safety rules., no contests or bonuses based on good safety - or no accidents.  The DOL clearly sees these as discriminating … [Read more...]

Work Comp Experience Mod and Changing Your Policy Dates

The experience modification is a ratio of expected losses to actual losses by a particular employer.A mod of 1.00 means you are average..90 means you are better than average - plus you save roughly 10% on your workers' compensation insurance.A mod of 1.10 means you are worse than average - plus you pay roughly 10% more on your workers' compensation … [Read more...]

Work Comp Classifications

From a reader...Scott: In presenting our insurance coverage information to a board this afternoon, I was questioned by an HR professional, who sits on one of our boards, regarding our WC classification of employees.  Almost 100% of our employees (except couriers/custodial) are classed as 8810 Clerical.  I reviewed this in-depth with our agent at … [Read more...]

United States Longshoremen and Harbor Workers’ Act – USL&H

The United States Longshoremen and Harbor Workers' Act (AKA USL&H) is a federal law that provides benefits to workers who were injured in certain occupations having to do with dock workers and other maritime jobs. Twenty years ago we worried about incidental workers on docks - florists and pizza delivery people for example - who would go onto … [Read more...]

Workers Compensation Classifications – Using The Clerical Code

Reader Question Hi Mr. Simmonds, I have a random question, which I'm not sure if you can answer or not. Our organization is a non profit that does pre-school, after school, and summer camp programs as well as helps out the community with a local food pantry. We recently received our workmen comp. bill, and they now have the entire staff listed … [Read more...]

Oregon Workers’ Compensation Report Out

Every two years the OR Department of Consumer and Business Services puts out a report of the workers' compensation rates of the 50 states. It does a pretty good job of outlining where everyone is. It appears on its face to be fair.Check out your state.Montana has the highest rates at 163% of the median.North Dakota has the lowest rates at 50% of … [Read more...]

Work Comp Insurance Rate Rankings By State

Each year Oregon surveys the workers' compensation insurance rates of the states and ranks them.This year's ranking just came out. … [Read more...]

OSHA Logs – Post Them Today

Reminder!OSHA 300A Summary logs must be posted today.They must be up today and left up until April 30Everything you'd want to know about OSHA - … [Read more...]

Work Comp Book Online – The Blook

A reminder that my best selling workers compensation book is available free on … [Read more...]